240W Fast-Charging ⚡

240W USB C Cable

Supercharge Your Devices With The Fastest Cable Around

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240W Fast-Charging↑

Charge your devices in record speed

Smart E-Marker Chip

Reliable Charging Guard

480Mbps Data-Transfer↑

Ultra-Fast File Transfer in Seconds

Wide Compatiblity

Charge Your Laptops Tablet, & Smartphone


Ultra-Fast Charging↑


High Speed Data-Transfer↑

Fueled by 240W Ultra-Fast↑ Charging Technology

Charge All Your USB C Devices

From 0-100% Faster Than Ever Before

Take Your Charging to The Next Level

480 Megabytes Per Second

High Speed Data-Transfer↑

Transfer Your Files in Seconds

Wide Compatibility

Charge All Your Devices With Our 240W Fast-Charging Cable